VBoutique USA Builds and Manufactures Handmade Quality Products For Playing Guitarists and Bass Players. Specializing In Designs For All Levels whether beginner or professional. Featuring Empty Guitar Extension Cabinets, Loaded Guitar and Bass Cabinets with Celestion Speakers, Custom Pedal Boards, Optional Tolex and Grill Cloth Colors. You Can Build Your Own Cabinet Or Pedal Board Right Here With Just A Few Clicks. We Deliver Superior Build Quality From Our Factory In Orange County California. We Carry A Wide Selection of Styles, Whether Your Searching For Marshall, Dumble, ODS, Ceriatone or Fender, We Have A Wide Range of Products Similar To Or Better That Can Make Your Rig Sound Better!

Vboutique USA Has Over 20 Years Of Speaker Cabinet Manufacturing History.  Our Client List Includes, JBL Pro, Friedman Amplification, Bogner Amplification, Mitsubishi, Cerwin Vega And Many More. With Our Experienced Staff, CNC Machinery, And Sophisticated Approach To Details In Every Cabinet, We Assure You A Pleasant Experience While Visiting Our Site. Its Our Goal To Make Every Product With The Highest Possible Quality. While Visiting, Check Our Affordable Prices, Save up to 30% Off From Other Brands. Check Our Feedback And Thank You For Stopping By.