V CAB 1 x 15


The V Cab is our most basic and affordable cab, but that doesn’t mean we skimped on any of the details! V Cabs are built with all of our standard features and are available in any of our stocking tolex and grill cloth colors. Very similar in size to a Fender Deluxe Reverb or Dr. Z Z-Best cab, the V Cab is perfect for the gigging player who needs reliability and quality without the additional costs of custom colors or builds.

Vboutique vcab 1 x 15 guitar extension speaker cabinet
Vstandard 1 x 12 guitar speaker extension cabinet



The V Standard is our signature cabinet and something we’re quite proud of. Its perfectly-tolexed corners and flush mounted grillcloth provide a seamless and modern boutique amp look. The 26 inch width will acomodate all standard size heads yet will still easily fit in your passenger seat or trunk. The V Standard is available in any of our tolex colors at no additional cost and can be paired with any of our stock grillcloth options. The V Standard is the utmost in quality, style, sound and construction available in boutique guitar cabinets today.




The Vumble 2×12 is our homage to you-know-who. Both the vertical and horizontal configuration feature the signature oval back and recessed front baffle with classic white piping. Classic modern style cabinet that is timeless

Vboutique Vumble 212 guitar speaker cabinet

Starting at $229.00


The cab arrived today, and I’m pretty blown away by how nice it is. I am very impressed. Especially liked the machine screws and inserts on the back panel…that’s awesome. Again, I’m impressed.

From Casey, Vumble 1 x 12

Friggin cab is built great!!!! I love it!!! I will definitely be getting another one soon. Fixing to get in your page a write a great review

Thanks for the excellent work and price!!!!

From Matt, Vumble 1 x 12
Vboutique vstandard 212 guitar speaker cabinet

Conrad – Hey man, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Super busy with work.! Just wanted to drop you some pics, this was real quick so I’ll try and get better ones. Man, that cab is the best sounding 1×12 cab I have ever owned. So articulate, fat and resonant. I had a 65 watt Creamback in there for a while, which was killer. Just popped in the 90 watt Alnico Cream – absolutely crazy tone with the 90 – fat, chimey and tough sounding. Makes me wonder what your 2×12 sounds like.??   Lol

Just wanted to say thanks for a killer sounding cab – I’ll tell every guitar player I know, which is quite a few, about your cabs. Hopefully you get more business!

From Doug:, Vstandard 1 x 12
Vboutique vstandard 212 guitar speaker cabinet

I’m not usually one to rave about customer service, but I have to praise Conrad for his honesty, flexibility, and excellent attention to detail all the way through. Every time I called with inquiries on the order, Conrad patiently responded, being upfront and honest about the process. The cab I ordered arrived in impeccable packaging, and most importantly, looks BEAUTIFUL and sounds KILLER

From Matthew Kim, Vstandard 1 x 12

I thought I’d take a moment to share with my Gear Page brothers and sisters my experience with two of my new favorite guitar products.

After an extensive search for a new cabinet I discovered VBoutique in California. https://vboutiqueusa.com I have to say I was surprised to see a company who builds cabinets for some of the biggest names in amplification go relatively unmentioned out here. Basically, you can order “boutique” level cabinets at “working mans” prices. If that wasn’t good enough, the customer service was outstanding! Conrad took plenty of time to go over his offerings and did numerous follow up emails as well regarding my order.

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From Frank Moore, Vumble 1 x 12

Holllllyyyy shit. Thank you V Boutique – Custom Guitar Cabinets for the custom build. It’s beautiful and sounds incredible!

From Chris Haddad, Vcube 1 x 12